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Cheap Hotel Rates in London City Around $100

Brunel Hotel Bayswater London 79-81 Gloucester Terrace Bayswater London, England, United Kingdom Description:This townhouse hotel is centrally located in the Bayswater and Paddington areas, and very near many Underground stations and bus stops. Guests enjoy a trip to Hyde Park for rowing or horseback riding, or a visit to Queensway and Lancaster Gate. Very brightly colored and spacious floor plans lend a modern, comfortable stay at the Brunel. Nearby attractions include the Portobello Road Market, West End theatres, Oxford Street shops, House of Parliament, and Madame Tussaud’s Planetarium.

Holiday Villa Hotel London 37 Leinster Gardens London, England, United Kingdom Description:The Holiday Villa offers Malaysian hospitality in every accommodation. Located in the Leinster Gardens near Bayswater, this first-class hotel is very near the business district, shops and attractions in the area. Visitors are within walking distance of the famous Portobello Road, Hyde Park, Whiteley’s Shopping Centre, and Queensway. The onsite Lagenda Malaysian and Chinese Restaurant offers customers “halal”, a traditional Chinese specialty dish. 100 upgraded and renovated rooms offer WiFi access and laundry service to guests during their stay. Whether visiting for business or holiday purposes, the Holiday Villa Hotel offers a unique atmosphere to guests. The property is easily reached via a short Express train ride from London Heathrow Airport. Several Underground Tube stations near the hotel provide an easy option to reach many parts of the city.

Umi Hotel London 16 Leinster Square London, England, United Kingdom Description:Located in Londons elegant Bayswater, with both Queensway and Bayswater underground stations just 5 minutes walk away, along with the Heathrow Express at Paddington mainline station – the Umi hotel is perfectly situated for anyone visiting London on business or pleasure. All rooms are decorated in modern, warm colours and have WiFi connection for an easy access to the Internet, at the small charge along with a complimentary welcome tray with teas and coffees. All rooms are en-suite and offer digital plasma screen TVs. Each morning the hotel also offers for purchase cafe style Continental breakfast at 5.95 or a full English breakfast @ 9.95 in its own Yumi coffee shop. In the evening, dinner and snacks are served in 1356 bar, restaurant and conference facilities.

Eden Plaza Hotel London 68-69 Queens Gate London, England, United Kingdom Description:The Eden Plaza Hotel is set in a delightful Victorian building in the heart of London, in highly fashionable Kensington. The well trained staff provide quality service in few international languages, internet access and business support, as well as thorough knowledge of “what’s on” and “where to go” during the stay in probably the most exiting city in the world. The hotel offers Internet – wireless and smoke free property.

Shaftesbury Premier Hotel Paddington London 55/61 Westbourne Terrace, Paddington London, England, United Kingdom Description:The Shaftesbury London Paddington is located near Hyde Park – in the popular and vibrant area of Bayswater. The hotel is just a short walk from Paddington Mainline and underground for an easy access to Heathrow airport and major tourist attractions. Rooms are well appointed with amenities like high speed internet which is free of charge and Plasma screen TV with satellite channels in all rooms ensures a comfortable stay to all guests. Experienced and multilingual staff works enthusiastically to cater to the needs of every guest thus making their stay a memorable one.

Quality Crown Hotel Kensington London 162 Cromwell Road London, England, United Kingdom Description:This 4-star hotel boasts new, contemporary styling with a central location in the Kensington and Chelsea district. Guests are pleased to find themselves in the middle of several museums, shopping districts, and attractions. The Quality Crown Hotel is located near the David Lloyd Fitness Centre, which offers an indoor swimming pool, spa, sauna and steamrooms. The SAKS hair and nail salon and Body Control Pilates are also located there. Fully soundproof rooms with electronic locks house comfortable amenities within the hotel. Guests have easy access to the Coffee Republic Lounge, The Breakfast Room, and the Bar and Brasserie onsite. The property is located in close proximity to the Gloucester Road and Earl’s Court Tube stations. Heathrow Express trains may also be taken to the West End to reach the Quality Crown Hotel.

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The Effect of Yield Management on Hotel Chains

Yield, or revenue management, is the process by which sales of a limited quantity of goods, such as hotel rooms, airline seats, apartment leasing, rental cars, or etc. are managed in order to maximize profits. Successful yield management focuses on selling the product in such a manner that is timely, price competitive, and directed towards the right subset of customers. An economic concept first posited by Dr. Matt H. Keller, and first used by the airline industries beginning in the 1970s, yield management has evolved in more recent years as an important tool especially for the airline and hotel industries for staying economically competitive in otherwise saturated business playing fields.

The basic concept of yield management is based in the economic principle of supply and demand: when supplies are short, prices go up; when supply is high, prices go down. Yield management is a studied, systematic method by which managers can logically place customers within the supply demand spectrum, and thus gain the highest yield for their products. For example, a customer who has very little flexibility in his or her travel plans is the customer who is most likely to pay a higher price for airline tickets and hotel rooms. The customer with a great deal of flexibility is not as inclined to pay a higher price.

Hotel Chains and Yield Management

Many hotels rate their success by their occupancy levels, but this isn’t necessarily the best measure of success. Another way to rate a hotel’s performance is by determining its REVPAR, or Revenue Per Available Room. REVPAR is calculated by dividing the total room revenue by the total number of rooms. For example, a hotel that makes $ 6,000 one night with a total number of 100 rooms has a REVPAR of $ 60.

The yield manager’s job is to maximize the revenue per available room by selling rooms to the right customers, at the right price, at the right time. How does the yield manager accomplish this somewhat nebulous task?

Successful yield management arises from several factors: an understanding of what the hotel hopes to achieve (whether that is room occupancy, REVPAR, or some other measurement); a clear understanding of what kind of hotel the manager is working with, which will lead to an understanding of what a customer visiting the hotel wants in his or her hotel experience, and why customers choose their hotel over another hotel; an ability to measure group sales against the overall goals of the hotel (for example, a hotel whose main goal is occupancy will be happy to host a large group at a lowered rate, but a hotel whose main goal is revenue may turn down a larger group in favor of a smaller group who can pay a higher rate); and a knowledge of what will cause the market to fluctuate (such as holidays, regular regional and local events, etc.). The yield manager will ideally consider all these factors when creating different rates for hotel guests.

Typical Yield Management Arrangements

A basic yield management price arrangement might look something like this:

Regular Rate: $ 89.00
Corporate or Business Rate: $ 79.00
Triple-A or Other Special Discount rate: $ 69.00

Other arrangements will take into account seasonal price changes. A mountain resort whose main business is serving winter vacationers, such as skiers and snowboarders, will have a lower supply and higher demand of rooms during winter months, whereas a hotel on the beach can charge more for rooms during the summer months than during the winter months. Hotels can create three seasonal rates: the highest rate for the months during which they expect to serve the most guests, a mid-season rate, and the lowest rate for months during which they have the lowest demand.

Seasonal arrangements do not necessarily need to be tied to the local geography not all hotels are in the mountains or on the beach. City hotel managers must take it upon themselves to learn about the corporations in their area and make personal connections with these corporate executives, learning their business cycles. Different businesses have annual events or conferences that they will be host on a regular basis; it’s up to the hotel sales managers to learn these business cycles and cater to these corporate clients.

In conclusion, to stay competitive in today’s market, any hotel that wishes to be successful must learn how to apply yield management techniques to their particular situation. Having determined how to gain the highest yield per room, any staff member who interacts with customer must be trained in how to clearly explain room rates to guests. The ability of staff to explain room rates to guests will determine whether customers are happy or unhappy. Their ability will stem from managements’ ability to clearly communicate the hotel’s goals and yield management principles.

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