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Top 5 Most Expensive Luxury Hotel Rooms

Banff Springs hotel Everyone has a personal record for the amount they’ve spent on a hotel room. Whether it was for a one-off treat or just because everywhere else in town was full, most people have sampled a luxury hotel at one point or...

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Hotel Survey Results Reveal Best Target Market

Schindlerhof Hotel Hotel survey results reveal the best target market through demographic information on age, education and income. The survey also reveals psychographics for lifestyles, social class and purpose of travel. Knowing this information...

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Best Hotel Reviews And Recommendations 101

Make your holiday trip an unforgettable experience by choosing the best hotels, resorts and places. Let our hotel reviews and recommendations guide you to the best outing and summer escapades you will always look forward to.

Here are some compiled best hotel reviews and recommendations that will help you find the right one:


This site can give you reviews of the best hotel around the world. It has 24-hour customer care that can assist you in making your books, reservations, etc. You also view or cancel your reservations here.


If you’re looking write-ups and sharing of real experiences from people who actually had their vacation in a particular hotel, then this is best site to browse. People who had first hand personal experiences write reviews here. You can also write and share your experiences, give tips, etc. later.


This is another site for unbiased hotel reviews from real people. It also contains recommendations and tips from tour guides regarding travel destination, hot spots and places go to and where not to go. It also shows hotel photos taken by people who have already been there. The site also features the latest travel news and very helpful travel resources for tourists around the globe.


My travel guide is your best travel guide because it offers a lot of beneficial and helpful information for the traveler in you. The site contains articles, photos and real hotel reviews. If you intend to write about your actual experiences in this site, you must first be a member on this site. In addition to that, by being a member, you gain access to more member-restricted links of the site. Although the front page is already a giver, there are more if you are a member.


This is another very good site for those who are looking for a community travel enthusiasts, trippers or even first timers. You have sign up before you can write a sharing in their web threads, read and browse on the site links. So start to become a trip advisor too by checking their web for some useful tips.


This is the best site to get the latest and unique topics and hotel reviews from real people submitting their vacation trip write-ups. What’s hot about this site is their latest hotel news. It is about real news about hotel people, hotel fashion, etc. They also have the latest hotel technology articles like what hotels are with the best Wi-Fi hotspots. It also lets hotel guests post some of their hotel video and photo shots

Get the most out of your vacation trip by searching for the best hotel reviews. Know about the place in advance so you could actually be there, as if you’ve already been there!

Get the most out of your vacation trip by searching for the best hotel reviews at http://HotelReviews.Us.

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Efficient Hotel Property Management System Online

Hotel It have been described by many economists Hotel Business‟ is unique and different from most of the other businesses. With continuous growth at their doorsteps the world hoteliers have to find easy and convenient solutions to adapt to their...

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Hotel Uniforms Extending Your Brand to Your Staff

hotel arch The idea behind a uniform is to identify a person as being part of an institution be it a school, factory or a hotel. Hotel uniforms are a must for any kind of hotel. The hotel staff must be readily identifiable via their work wear. A...

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Things to Consider When Hiring a Hotel Photographer

Ettamogah Hotel Almost everyone owns a digital camera these days and can take pleasing photos. It can be tempting for resort and hotel owners to save money by taking photos themselves or hiring a local photographer that doesn’t necessarily...

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Hotel Marketing 2.0 – Guest Care And Psychological Tactics To Find Your Way On Tripadvisor

Hotel Lobby The growing weight of Internet in the hospitality industry has led some hoteliers of little independent hotels to the misleading impression that they can easily “do business on tourism with more concerns for the web that for the...

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How To Look For Great Deal Of Pattaya Hotel Booking

1892 Hotel For many people who have ever been to Thailand. It is quite normal that they have to visit Pattaya, the famous city in eastern region. It has great reputation for its beach and nightlife attraction. Of course when you go travel place...

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Get a Homely Feel in Wharney Hotel in Hong Kong

Jerilderie Hotel Hotel accommodation is an utmost requirement when it comes to travel in some other part of the world. In the areas where tourism is at the peak, a big chain of hotel can be witnessed. Hong Kong is the perfect example of the...

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Smart Hotel PMS for Growing Number of Hotels in Sri Lanka

Hotel Bed Sri Lanka continues to do well in terms of attracting tourists from around the globe. The tiny island nation has an exclusive tourism proposition with its pristine beaches, scenic hills, wide range of wildlife and varied cultural and...

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